Chiaroscuro map released

Chiaroscuro is a large city in the world of Exalted, marked by the ruins of ancient glass buildings, shattered by a great battle. No map exists in canon of this city, so DivNull has produced one. It can be found posted to Lore 5, a site that collects content for Exalted.

This marks DivNull’s first publicly released map since the Sixth World. The map is vector based, produced with Adobe Illustrator. Not the best work, frankly, particularly the colors, but served its purpose.

Shadowrun sheets discontinued

sheetsWith the release of the fourth edition of Shadowrun, a number of requests have come in for an update to the character sheets that DivNull produced for this game. After some thought, DivNull has decided not to update the sheets for this edition. For all intents and purpose, the currently released version of these sheets will be the last produced from DivNull. Should there be any who which to duplicate the style of these sheets for current and future editions of Shadowrun, please feel free to do so.

The date of the original (PostScript!) sheets have been lost to history, but it has been easily ten years. Thanks to all of those who have supported the sheets over the years.