When Autochthon Dreams updated

Version 1.1 of When Autochthon Dreams, a collection of fan-made artifacts for White Wolf’s role-playing game Exalted®, is now available for download.

Changes to this release include:

  • Artifact list updated with information from sources released since version 1.0. (Note that this was enough to add a couple of pages to the book, so page numbers are not consistent between versions). Information added from:
    • Graceful Wicked Masques: The Fair Folk
    • The Compass of Terrestrial Directions Vol. IV: The South
    • The Manual of Exalted Power: Infernals
  • Updated the “Materials” chapter with information about infernal materials.
  • Old Realm writing now shows correct title. (Previous edition contained a working title.)
  • Correction of many typos and phrasing problems.
  • Sciences section altered significantly.
  • Intra-document hyperlinks on page numbers in the index are a bit more snappy.
  • Formatted to allow reading from Acrobat 5.x and up (previously required version 7.x or better). This should fix some incompatibilities reported with in-line viewing with some browser plugins.

Shadowrun sheet sources

sheetsAlthough work on Wordman’s character sheets for Shadowrun Second and Third Edition halted at the turn of the millennium and the sheets were officially discontinued three years ago, requests for changes to the sheets have continued to trickle in. At the time of their discontinuation, the intent had been to release the sources used to create the sheets to the public, so that such changes might be made by those who wanted them. By then, however, the ability to read the format in which the files were encoded (Mac QuarkXPress 2.x) and translate it into something more modern had been lost to DivNull Productions.

Today, however, after using a couple of different operating systems, three different computers (with manufacturing dates spanning over 15 years), four different disk drive technologies, and some slightly questionable ethics, DivNull is pleased to announce the availability of the sources to these character sheets in Adobe InDesign CS3 format.

DivNull would like to release the sheets under a non-commercial Creative Commons license; however, we do not have any rights to the underlying Shadowrun property, so probably do not have the right to issue such a license. Instead, a readme file in the archive containing the sources details the usage: credit us, respect the creators of Shadowrun as they have asked, don’t charge anyone, don’t pretend that your changes are our originals.

Otherwise, go nuts.