Photo uploads

It’s been a while since I updated my deviantArt gallery, so here are six new pieces. Given the thousands of shots I’ve taken since the last time I updated the account, it’s a bit embarrassing to only have six worth sharing. These were taken in (respectively) the Dominican Republic, Germany, Australia, Haiti, Las Vegas and the Cayman Islands:

Trunkfish Crossmoss Flyby Beach Landing Sunflower Smile

Lark #03 awarded

Picking just one of the proposals in the third Lark proved to be more challenging than expected. After deliberation (and some unanticipated delays), DivNull is pleased to award the $1,000 gift to Sage LaTorra for the game “tentatively called Powers for Good, … based on world-saving team superhero comics”.

Congratulations and best of luck to Mr. LaTorra. We can’t wait to see the result.