About DivNull

Part-time content company DivNull Productions produces an eclectic array of content including standalone software applications, tabletop role-playing content, electronic art, web-based software, web design, video production and similar pastimes. DivNull favors Mac OS X as both a development and design platform, but works in and with most other platforms as well.

DivNull began by producing audio and video tapes for small audiences under the name “We’re Just In It For the Money Productions”. After changing gears to publish roleplaying content for several years under various names, DivNull officially began with the creation of the divnull.com domain in mid 2000, publishing a few stray software tools produced prior. Focus over the years since has vacillated between software and silence. Presently, DivNull has been returning to its role-playing roots.

Thus far, DivNull has made all of its work available for free, though they are not bigoted about the idea.

DivNull is the love child of Lester Ward, known more generally on the internet as Wordman. In addition to acting as chief technologist for DivNull, he writes a personal blog called Asteroid.

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