DivNull produces software for multiple platforms using multiple languages. Most of our products are open source or other freeware. See our Software page for more details.


With a passion for tabletop role-playing games, DivNull creates a bit of free content for games in which we are interested. None of these are particularly “product-ized”, released instead in fits and starts whenever they are created. See our Roleplaying page for more details.


Though capable of both web design and web application programming, DivNull has not released much of either to the public. We did produce the theme used on this site, as well as those of the following sites:

We are also hard at work on a number of other web sites that will be announced on the news page when they are ready.


We are looking to branch into more digital art as time goes on. At the very least, we will probably create a repository of original wallpaper/texture photographs in the near future and will continue to do cartography.

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