Taking on Mac building duties for Anathema

AnathemaDivNull Software has become responsible for building the Mac OS X release of Anathema, a java-based manager for the Exalted role-playing game. The job consists of turning a Java application in a double-clickable Mac app.

While much of Anathema is not particularly Mac-looking, DivNull will work to make it more so. A post on an Exalted-based forum tracks problems found during the process so far, and their solutions.

Rathess map released

Rathess is an abandoned city in the game of Exalted, formerly the most important city in Creation. A small, not very helpful map exists in the books, but a bigger one was needed. DivNull’s version has been released to Lore 5, a site that collects content for Exalted.

This is another vector map made in Illustrator, using a lot of its texture and transparency capabilities. The map used a technique to overlap pattern fills with different periods, to prevent the repetitive “pattern” look. It sort of worked, but not entirely.

Chiaroscuro map released

Chiaroscuro is a large city in the world of Exalted, marked by the ruins of ancient glass buildings, shattered by a great battle. No map exists in canon of this city, so DivNull has produced one. It can be found posted to Lore 5, a site that collects content for Exalted.

This marks DivNull’s first publicly released map since the Sixth World. The map is vector based, produced with Adobe Illustrator. Not the best work, frankly, particularly the colors, but served its purpose.

Forgotten Suns released

Forgotten Suns is a 68 page, illustrated adventure for the Exalted® gaming system (first edition). Intended to introduce aspects of the game over the first few encounters, Forgotten Suns provides a setting rich enough to be incorporated into existing campaigns as well. Using the Encounter Pages concept, Forgotten Suns is designed to allow storytellers to easily rip out sections, replace others, move them around and generally customize the adventure as desired or pull just the sections they find useful for inclusion in another adventure.