Caste marks and iPhone skins

Like a lot of people, I customize the appearance of my phone. Every solstice and equinox, I crack open my transparent case with a separator and slap a new vinyl decal on the back. Lately, I haven’t found a decal I liked at the usual places like GelaSkins or Decal Girl, so I experimented with Unique Skins, where you can upload an image and they will custom print a vinyl decal. Since you need to have the rights to the image that you upload, I decided to do my test using one of the caste mark graphics I made several years ago. Even though the vinyl used is a bit thinner than, say, Decal Girl uses, the result isn’t bad:

Eclipse iPhone skin

At 700×700 pixels, the source graphic (which you can reach by clicking on the smaller versions on the caste mark page) have just barely enough resolution to look decent on the decal. Slightly higher resolution might look a bit better.

Most of the output I’ve published on this blog was started because I didn’t initially know how to do it. These caste mark graphics started because I wanted to see if I could get the visual effect I wanted entirely within Bryce. I succeeded with most of them, though the sidereal marks required cheating with Photoshop to get the glow to look right. In making this test decal, I realized that I’ve never released the Bryce sources for these caste marks, until now. You can get the zip file with all the original sources here (16.1MB).

Feel free to use these sources to make higher resolution versions of these caste marks. Also, you have my permission to use the resulting caste mark images (or any that I’ve posted) to make your own device skins. Just don’t sell them.

When Autochthon Dreams updated

Version 1.1 of When Autochthon Dreams, a collection of fan-made artifacts for White Wolf’s role-playing game Exalted®, is now available for download.

Changes to this release include:

  • Artifact list updated with information from sources released since version 1.0. (Note that this was enough to add a couple of pages to the book, so page numbers are not consistent between versions). Information added from:
    • Graceful Wicked Masques: The Fair Folk
    • The Compass of Terrestrial Directions Vol. IV: The South
    • The Manual of Exalted Power: Infernals
  • Updated the “Materials” chapter with information about infernal materials.
  • Old Realm writing now shows correct title. (Previous edition contained a working title.)
  • Correction of many typos and phrasing problems.
  • Sciences section altered significantly.
  • Intra-document hyperlinks on page numbers in the index are a bit more snappy.
  • Formatted to allow reading from Acrobat 5.x and up (previously required version 7.x or better). This should fix some incompatibilities reported with in-line viewing with some browser plugins.

When Autochthon Dreams released

DivNull Productions is pleased to announce the release of When Autochthon Dreams, a collection of fan-made artifacts for White Wolf‘s role-playing game Exalted®.

Writing for this work originated in a number of fan sites for Exalted, particularly the Exalted wiki and Exalted Compendium Redux. Thanks go out to the writers who allowed their work to be included.

The artwork used in the PDF results from a bit of an experiment. Rather than an using an open, take-what-you-can-get approach, DivNull looked for fans of Exalted on deviantArt, inviting 75 of the most talented to participate. This process intentionally avoided inviting artists that have a lot of work published in Exalted books. Artists were invited over a long period, and given months of lead time to prepare art for today’s release. Of those contacted, six actually delivered art, a response of about 8%.

This response was less that what was hoped, but realistically better than expected, especially since no payment was offered or given. Thanks go out to those artists who contributed.

Thanks also go out to White Wolf for their Dark Pack guidelines, which allow supplements like this to be created in the first place.

First Age mosaic map released

In the game of Exalted, there was a long past First Age, when everything was awesome (except for the growing psychosis of the demigod rulers of the place) and Creation was much larger. No maps had been produced of this time, but DivNull has released one to Lore 5, created as if it were a tile mosiac that might be found in a tomb or ruined palace.

This was a raster project done in Photoshop, with much of the heavy lifting done by a demo of Xenofex. This could be improved in a number of ways, particularly by adding a bit more depth.

Rathess map released

Rathess is an abandoned city in the game of Exalted, formerly the most important city in Creation. A small, not very helpful map exists in the books, but a bigger one was needed. DivNull’s version has been released to Lore 5, a site that collects content for Exalted.

This is another vector map made in Illustrator, using a lot of its texture and transparency capabilities. The map used a technique to overlap pattern fills with different periods, to prevent the repetitive “pattern” look. It sort of worked, but not entirely.

Chiaroscuro map released

Chiaroscuro is a large city in the world of Exalted, marked by the ruins of ancient glass buildings, shattered by a great battle. No map exists in canon of this city, so DivNull has produced one. It can be found posted to Lore 5, a site that collects content for Exalted.

This marks DivNull’s first publicly released map since the Sixth World. The map is vector based, produced with Adobe Illustrator. Not the best work, frankly, particularly the colors, but served its purpose.