Your Time Capsule

Hello, Allison -

In all likelyhood, you have probably met us a few times in your life. When you were born, we gave you the time capsule you just opened. We are Lester Ward and Eva Swoboda (your dad was the best man in our wedding) .

The URL you used to get to this page was inserted into the time capsule so that we could give you some information about who and where we are now. By the time you reach this page, it will have been updated with our current whereabouts and status. And pictures. It is a little bland at the moment, though.

A few notes about what is in your time capsule. We attempted to get a good cross section of magazines from the day you were born. You were born on a Friday night, which is when a lot of weekly magazines rotate to the next week. So, in some cases, we could find magazines with your actual birthdate on the cover and not in others. In any case, all of these magazines were on the racks when you were born. In spite of some searching (including a little dumpster diving) we were unable to find a November 28 issue of the New York Times. Still, the issue from the 29th reports on events from the 28th, so its not a total loss.

Here is picture of us the way we looked around the time we gave you your capsule:

Eva and Les, 2003

Happy birthday,
Eva and Les