Hidden Agendas: A Sourcebook for Trinity With Storytellers Screen (Aeon)
Not Applicable (Na ) * * * - - 1565047583
Neverwinter Nights 2
Aspyr Media * * * * - B000UGNLGY Neverwinter Nights 2 (NWN2) is a computer role-playing game set in the fantasy world of the Forgotten Realms, one of the popular campaign settings of Dungeons and Dragons. It takes the player from the tiniest of villages into a sweeping tale of danger and war, chronicling their rise from a peasant to a full-fledged hero of the Realms, defending it against one of the greatest threats of the age. Build a character that suits your style of play - good or evil, chaotic or lawful, with any number of skills, feats and professions available at the click of a button. Whether lobbing fireballs and researching forgotten spells as a powerful Wizard, hacking a trail through legions of orcs as a Fighter armed only with a battle axe and your courage, or taking on the role of a Rogue that can slip into the shadows at a moment's notice, the choice is yours. Choose your alignment, your allies, your companions, and how you want your character to develop... design the character you want, role-play the way you want, and carry the battle to the enemy.
The design aspects of Neverwinter Nights 2 don't stop there, however. Past the campaign included with the game itself, Neverwinter Nights 2 also gives you all the tools you need to build your own modules, campaigns, and adventures for your friends - move buildings, terrain, script encounters, write dialogues, create quests and items - everything you need to create an epic adventure of your own is included in the toolset for you and any other worldbuilder to use. So if you are interested in adventure - or building adventures of your own - look no further. Neverwinter Nights 2 is on the horizon, and adventure awaits.
World of Warcraft
Blizzard Entertainment * * * * - B000067FDW Vivendi (72212) World of Warcraft PC
Corporate Download (Shadowrun) (Shadowrun)
FASA Corporation Steve Kenson Robert Boyle * * * * ~ 1555603629 Meet the new boss... The corporate war is over, but the corps need the shadows now more than ever as they scramble for position in the new power structure. Fuchi is dead, Novatech has risen from its ashes, and Wuxing and Cross have elbowed their way onto the Corporate Court. The corps have ceased their open conflict, but the guns are still drawn under the table ... Corporate Download describes the history, power players and business interests of the ten top megacorps. Corporate Download focuses on information that runners need: the latest security trends, secret plans, dirty tricks, people to know and how to use them. Players will learn what working for each corp means for their characters, and gamemasters will find new rules for using and rating the megacorps in their campaigns.
Portfolio of a Dragon: Dunkelzahn's Secrets (Shadowrun RPG)
Steve Kenson Mike Colton * * * * - 1555603068
Rigger 2: A Shadowrun Sourcebook
Jonathan Szeto FASA Coporation * * * * - 1555603041
California Free State (Shadowrun RPG)
Fasa Corporation 1555601936
Magic in the Shadows (Shadowrun RPG)
Fasa Corporation * * * * * 1555603580
Man & Machine: Cyberware (Shadowrun)
FASA Corporation * * * * - 1555603637
Prime Runners: A Shadowrun Sourcebook
FASA Corporation * * * * - 1555602525
Target: UCAS (Shadowrun RPG)
FASA Corporation * * * * * 1555603149 The Chaotic state of the UCAS! The United Canadian and American States is in turmoil. In the past year, the great dragon Dunkelzahn won a special presidential election - and was assassinated on the night of his triumph. Savage riots broke out and have barely subsided: inexplicable magical phenomena have triggered a vicious anti-Awakened backlash; and corporate backstabbing and political intrigue are reaching new lows as everyone who can makes a play for the big time. And nowhere in the UCAS are the aftershocks as fierce as in three of its greatest cities: Boston, Detroit and Chicago. Target: UCAS contains a wealth of information for players and gamemasters: adventure frameworks that allow gamemasters to jump right into these explosive cities, rules for ghoul player characters and free bug spirits, and more. Target: UCAS is intended for gamemasters and players of all experience levels.
Cyberpirates: A Shadowrun Sourcebook
Jennifer Brandes Chris Hepler Michael Mulvihill FASA Corporation * * * * ~ 1555603017
Cybertechnology: A Shadowrun Sourcebook
Tom Dowd * * * * - 1555602673
Fields of Fire
Tom Dowd * * * ~ - 1555602231 The streets are a violence place, as dangerous as any battlefield. And the lessons men and women learn on those fields of fire can save their reputations - and their lives - in any combat situation. Fields of Fire is the mercenary sourcebook for Shadowrun. Information on how to act like a professional merc, and pages of new weapons, support gear, and optional combat-rules clarifications and expansions make this book something no merc, or runner, should live without. Fields of Fire is a sourcebook for Shadowrun, second edition.
Dragons of the Sixth World (Shadowrun)
Fanpro * * * * * 3890646662 "What's that you say? Never deal with a dragon? Chummer, if a wizworm involves you in its intricate plots, you'll have no choice in the matter. You'll either deal or be it's next meal." Dragons of the Sixth World gets under the scales of the world's most dangerous and manipulative reptiles. It provides details on the life cycle, biology, magic and culture of dragons, and investigates their servants, allies and pawns. Dossiers are provided on ten of the world's foremost great dragons, with shorter bios given on over a dozen others. The Draco Foundation, pursuing the schemes of its founder, the dead dragon Dunkelzahn, is also described. For use with Shadowrun, Third Edition.
Shadows of Europe (Shadowrun)
Fanpro * * * * - 1932564101 A New World in the Shell of the Old "Clash of cultures. That's what Europe is, term. You can't cross the road without finding yourself in a completely different country, with its own history, laws, cultural traditions, prejudices and shadow scene. It's a friggin' maze of people and places, all acting like a big dysfunctional family. The Euro shadows are treacherous to navigate, but believe me, chum, the opportunities are unbelievable." Shadows of Europe details over a dozen European countries, from the fractured Allied German States to the mysterious elven nation of Tir na nog. Each entry covers the prime locations, people to know and buzz on the street, all from a shadowrunner's point of view. The New European Economic Community is also described, as are corporations, criminal organizations and magic unique to Europe. For use with Shadowrun, Third Edition.
Shadows of North America (Shadowrun)
Fanpro * * * * - 3890646557 The Map Is Not The Territory There's nothing worse than dropping into some backwater sprawl in the country next door to quietly take care of some job, then realizing too late that your sprawl studs and street lingo stick out like a troll's thumb. North America ain't what it used to be, chummer-every time you cross a border, you enter a different world. Ask an anglophone in Quebec, an ork in San Fran, or a mage in the NAN. The rules are different, both in the shadows and in the sunlight. If you don't keep up with the local game, you're gonna lose. Shadows of North America tells shadowrunners what they need to know about the 13 countries and city-states of North America, including the Native American Nations and the dragon-ruled city of Denver. Each state is covered in detail, from hot spots to power players, all from a shadowrunner's point of view. For use with Shadowrun, Third Edition.
State of the Art 2063 (Shadowrun)
Fanpro * * * * - 3890646646 Nothing to Fear if You've Got the Gear In this day and age, things change so fast that the centrifugal force of progress will shear your head right off. Shadowrunners like us need to keep up with the latest developments. When you run a B&E, you need to know what nasty new security feature might try to cut you in two as much as you need to know which nova new magic formula is worth snatching. It's the state of the art, chummer-it'll make you cred or get you dead." State of the Art: 2063 covers groundbreaking developments in the year 2063. It details the current state of genetics technology and corporate security, and describes advances in metamagic and mercenary operations. It also provides briefs on the latest trends in mainstream culture, sports and entertainment, with an eye towards shadowrunning opportunities. These sections include a selection of new gear, vehicles, techniques and rules for both players and gamemasters. For use with Shadowrun, Third Edition.
State of the Art 2064 (Shadowrun)
Fanpro 1932564438 The Shadows Never Stop New toys hit the street every week, omae. Wiz new tech to exploit security holes, flashy new guns to drill your opponents, wicked new adept fu to kick some major hoop. To keep up with the Johnsons, ya gotta scan what s coming down the pipe, otherwise you ll end up as the unfortunate example in a field-test report. State of the Art: 2064 examines the latest groundbreaking developments in five aspects of the Shadowrun world. It explores the current state of police technology, tactics and prisons and details the murky world of spycraft and political espionage. It also delves deeper into both adept characters, discussing new path, powers and metamagic, and European-specific magical traditions such as street witches. Finally, it provides briefs on the latest trends in mainstream culture, sports and entertainment, with an eye towards shadowrunning opportunities. These sections include a selection of new gear, techniques and rules for both players and gamemasters. For use with Shadowrun, Third Edition.
Survival of the Fittest (Shadowrun)
Fanpro 3890646654
Target: Awakened Lands (Shadowrun)
Fanpro * * * * * 3890646514
Threats 2 (Shadowrun)
Fanpro * * * * - 3890646522
Year of the Comet (Shadowrun) (Shadowrun)
Fanpro * * * * - 3890646506 The Sky is Falling! The year 2061 marks the return of Halley's Comet and the 50th anniversary of the Awakening—do you celebrate or run for cover? Each day brings a new surprise. Will you transform into a genetic changeling or fall prey to a doomsday cult? Will you be in Denver when the dragon runs amok or in Japan when the Ring of Fire deals death to the Empire? Will you fight toxic spirits in the Yucatán or run from the walking dead? Year of the Comet shakes and stirs the world of Shadowrun, describing a series of events around which gamemasters and players can build entire adventures and campaigns. It details a new dragon, new spirits, and new genetic expressions that can affect your character. Year of the Comet is intended for gamemasters and players of all experience levels. For use with Shadowrun, Third Edition.
New Seattle (Shadowrun)
Fasa * * * * - 1555603424
Shadowrun Quick Start
Fasa * * ~ - - 1555603831 Roleplaying Made Easy With the Shadowrun Quick Star Rules, you need nothing more than a vivid imagination and a handful of dice to jump into the world's most popular science-fiction/fantasy universe. An introduction for new players to the Shadowrun game system, Shadowrun Quick Start Rules provides all the rules you need to start playing. This book features background material, advice for beginners, eight pre-generated characters and a complete adventure so you can learn as you go. Shadowrun Quick Start Rules lets you dive right into the action. Welcome to the shadows, chummer!
Target: Smuggler Havens (Shadowrun)
Fasa * * * ~ - 1555603416
The Neo-Anarchist's the Guide to Real Life (Shadowrun RPG)
Nigel D. Findley * * * * * 1555601650
Tir Tairngire (Shadowrun 7210)
Nigel D. Findley * * * * - 1555601979
Virtual Realities 2.0: A Shadowrun Sourcebook
Paul Hume * * * * * 1555602711
Target: Wastelands (Shadowrun) (Shadowrun)
Fanpro Rob Boyle Steve Kenson * * * * * 3890646530 Abandon All Hope, Ye Who Enter Here "An old fixer once told me that shadowrunning is about going places you're not supposed to go. That's what gives us the buzz, right? The excitement of traveling to exotic and secret places, meeting interesting people, and extracting or killing them. Believe me, chummer, sometimes shadowrunning takes you to places you really don't want to go-and that you're lucky to get out of alive." Target: Wastelands is about hostile environments-places that are not just difficult for shadowrunners to penetrate, but dangerous to live in. This book details desert hideouts, toxic zones, Polar stations, deep sea aquacologies and orbital platforms, including information on how shadowrunners can get in, get out, and survive. For use with Shadowrun, Third Edition.
Underworld Sourcebook (Shadowrun)
Stephen Kenson * * * * * 1555603157
Tri-Stat: Core System Role-Playing Game
Mark C. MacKinnon * * * * ~ 1894525817 Featuring a scalable system, point-based character creation, and intuitive combat and task resolution, Tri-Stat: Core System is an inexpensive exploration into essential and advanced role-playing techniques and methods.
Matrix (Shadowrun 7909)
Michael Muevihill * * * * ~ 1555604013 Reality is for those who lack imagination Connect to the world-wide net known as the Matrix and create a universe of your own. No matter what your status in the real world - megacorp president or synthmeat street vendor - you can be the lord of all you can imagine. Access virtual clubs and test your skills in total-reality games. Ransack massive databases and pillage corporate systems for paydata - and try to stay alive long enough to enjoy the results. Matrix expands on the basic decking rules provided in Shadowrun, Third Edition, and offers advanced rules for programming, deck construction, system security and accessing the Matrix. Matrix includes rules for information searches and new updates on artificial intelligences and otaku characters.
Awakenings: New Magic in 2057
Steve Kenson Cruz Diane Piron-Gelman Sharon Turner Mulvihill * * * * ~ 1555602738
Shadowrun Companion: Beyond the Shadows
Zach Bush Jennifer Brandes Chris Hepler Chris Hussey Jonathan Jacobson Steve Kenson Linda Naughton Brian Schoner Michael Mulvihill * * * * ~ 1555602983
Threats (Shadowrun RPG)
FASA Corporation Diane Piron-Gelman 1555602908
Exalted: Fair Folk (Exalted)
Rebecca Borgstrom Eric Brennan Genevieve Cogman Michael Goodwin John Snead Mark Rein * * * - - 1588466787
Dreaming Cities: Tri-Stat Urban Fantasy Genre
Jason Blair Jamais Cascio Phil Masters Jo Ramsay Elizabeth Rich 1894938089 Introducing the ultimate urban fantasy genre and setting book for the Tri-Stat System. Ancient gods and modern myths rub shoulders in night clubs, ghosts and goblins ride the subway, and the fairies are ready to rock and roll! This hardcover book features complete rules for playing and game mastering urban fantasy games, an informative guide to the genre, and four original settings that range in scope from the darkly comedic lives of the wee folk to an epic conflict between immortal powers.
Palladium Books Presents: Heroes Unlimited
Kevin Siembieda * * * * ~ 1574570064
Lawyers, Guns & Money: The New Inquisition Sourcebook (Unknown Armies)
Greg Stolze * * * * * 1887801782 What do you get for the man who wants everything?

How about his own clandestine network of tricked-out magick-workers, cold-blooded psycho-killers, and that guy you knew in third grade who did trigonometry with frog's legs and always smelled like broccoli? Eccentric billionaire Alex Abel hired them, gave them new identities, and sent them into the occult underground to stir up trouble. If trouble is your middle name, The New Inquisition wants YOU!

This sourcebook by Unknown Armies co-creator Greg Stolze covers UA's biggest cabal like a snitch jacket: history, structure, high-tech equipment, magickal gear, sample agents, intelligence dossiers, secrets Alex Abel doesn't want you to know, and two missions that will smear your face across the walls of infinity if you aren't smarter, tougher, and weirder than the next guy. Psych up, punk, and get ready to get dangerous.
Scavenger Sons (Exalted S.)
Justin Achilli John Snead Scott Taylor * * * * - 1588466523
Ars Magica: The Art of Magic
Jonathan Tweet * * * * * 1887801553 Come to a land of adventure and mystery, of falling empires and rising nations, of legendary creatures and incredible myths. This is Ars Magica's Mythic Europe, where the power of magic is real and exists alongside historical figures and locations.

Stories revolve around the covenant: one part mystical college, one part magical laboratory, one part Hermetic fortification, one part bastion of secrecy.

Your Role: Grog, Companion, Magus

You'll take many roles. At times, you may be a grog, a stalwart guard of the covenant, well-paid for your labors with a life far more exciting than that of the common folk. At other times, you may be a companion, a respected friend of the covenant, using your professional skills for a share of the glory and the reward. You'll also take on the role of a magus, a wizard of legendary power, a leader of the covenant, a member of one of the Houses of Hermes. With each role you play, however, you have knowledge few others possess. You know of Ars Magica, the art of magic.

A Magical Game

The first edition of Ars Magica set the benchmark for magic in fantasy roleplaying. It pioneered the storytelling style of roleplaying that has become so popular today. Its setting, Mythic Europe, sparked the imaginations of fantasy fans and history enthusiasts alike.

The fourth edition of Ars Magica's core rulebook introduces improved systems in several key areas such as combat, character advancement, and covenant generation. This version of the game retains and improves upon Ars Magica's powerful and flexible magic system — widely regarded as the best rules for magic in all of gaming. Ars Magica Fourth Edition also remains compatible with the game's previously released supplements.

Ars Magica won the Gamer's Choice Award for Best Fantasy Roleplaying Game of 1988; the Fourth Edition was nominated for the Origins Award for Best Roleplaying Rules of 1996.
Unknown Armies
Greg Stolze John Tynes * * * * * 1887801707 What will you risk to change the world?

In Unknown Armies, players take the roles of movers and shakers in the occult underground, fighting a battle for the ultimate prize: ascension to a higher plane and a hand in creating the next incarnation of reality. Loathsome monsters, bizarre supernatural forces, mind-bending magic, warring cults, and ten thousand bullets it's a pulp apocalypse, and the players have front-row seats for the steel-cage death match of all eternity.
Diablo 2 Expansion: Lord of Destruction
Vivendi Universal * * * * ~ B00005A3I8 New Characters: Assassin — The Order of Mage Slayers was formed after the Vizjerei survived the tragedy brought on by Bartuc and Horazon. Their purpose was to watch for rogue magi that may become corrupted by the forces of Evil. To be effective at this task they were trained in abilities that were not conducive to Demonic corruption. Living as rumor and myth to the general population, even other magi knew very little about this mysterious order. Their reputation was shrouded in mystery and t
Book of 3 Circles (Exalted S.)
White Wolf * * * * * 1588466515

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