Lester L. Ward

Stony Brook, NY

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Harvard University Cambridge, MA
B.A. in Computer Science, 1993; emphasis on hardware interfacing and design, artificial intelligence, and operating systems. Other coursework included Japanese language and history, Mesoamerican archaeology, Eastern/Western philosophy and religion, architecture and Renaissance art. Participated in Adams Film Society, Harvard Aikido Club, intramurals (crew and football), Harvard Fusilli Society.
Languages C/C++ (including templates), Java, SQL, Pascal, Lisp, assembly (PowerPC, Motorola 680x0, Zilog Z-80), JavaScript, LotusScript, Visual Basic, Perl, Cocoa, Python, Jelly
Technologies STL, HTML, XML, XSLT, J2EE, JSP, encryption, Oracle, MySQL, Lotus Notes, QuickTime, Mac toolbox, Win32 API, MFC, PowerPlant, Gecko, ODBC, UML, CVS, Perforce, Apache, Xerces, Struts, wxWindows, Ant, PHP, ASP, Maven, SOAP, Jakarta projects (Turbine, Velocity, Jetspeed, Axis, etc.)
Systems Mac OS X, Win32, UNIX, Linux. Some knowledge of VMS, OS/2 and Newton OS.

Work Experience
Dec 2002 to
Transaction Auditing Group Northport, NY
Manager of Software Development. Manage the software development unit for small stock market auditing firm. In addition to continuing software engineering tasks (see previous position), schedule and track tasks for engineering team, triage bugs/requests and interface with VP of Technology. Train other engineers in various technologies and mentor junior engineers. Administer source control system (Perforce) and manage build and release cycles.
Dec 2002 to
Jan 2004
Senior Software Engineer. Led development effort to re-architect existing ASP-based web site to a portal-based, J2EE site using Jetspeed, Turbine and Velocity. Designed and coded Java-based service to read and store real-time stock feed data for later auditing. Developed applet-based group editor, using SOAP to interface with backend database. Refactored important portions of ASP web site to fix bugs and speed porting effort. Helped modernize the processes and architecture used for producing software (Perforce, UML, continuous integration, etc.)
Aug 2000 to
Oct 2002
Bottomline Technologies, Inc. Charlestown, MA & Centereach, NY
Director of NetTransact Development. Directed development of a number of web-based invoicing products, including NetTransact, Bottomline’s premiere B2B electronic invoicing presentment and payment platform. Written in Java and deployed on Solaris and AIX, NetTransact supports a community of buyers and sellers, involving all facets of electronic invoicing, including dispute management, secure communication, flow control, and payment. NetTransact relies on Oracle to store large volumes of invoice data.
Also guided strategic direction of invoicing products, designed features, wrote code, supervised third-party “white hat” hacking attacks, decided upon technologies, and interfaced with quality assurance, product management, implementation, upper management and customers.
In addition, designed, co-wrote and maintained Morlock, an internal, web-based, J2EE time-keeping system built using Struts and Oracle.
Aug 2000 to
Jun 2001
Senior Software Engineer/Project Leader. Produced functional and technical designs for several NetTransact features, customized specifically for various large customers. Wrote 200+ page functional specification for NetTransact in three weeks.
Duties also included some management of the transition when Bottomline purchased Flashpoint.
Feb 1993 to
Aug 2000
Flashpoint, Inc. Charlestown, MA & Ridgewood, NJ
Fulfilled developer and development management roles for software consulting firm. Duties varied by project, most often acting simultaneously as both lead developer and project manger. Development tasks included technical design (e.g. class hierarchies, frameworks, algorithms, UI, entire products, interfaces, database schema), performance optimization, and coding large portions of both front-end and back-end functionality in C++. Management duties included bug triage & assignment, scheduling tasks, mentoring engineers and managing builds for two- to eight-person development teams. Typically provided sole point of contact with client, from design to testing to delivery. Also shared in IT duties, managing the network, Notes databases, servers, etc. Projects for Flashpoint included:
Jun 1999 to
Dec 2000
White Sox Senior Software Engineer/Project Leader
McDougal Littell's Personal Student Tutor Student & Instructor for Macintosh, a teaching and examination application. Written in C++, the application used PowerPlant and embedded Gecko (Mozilla's HTML engine) to display exam content that varied each time a test was taken.
Apr 1999 to
Jun 2000
GreenEggs Senior Software Engineer/Project Leader
Skills Assessment Manager 2000, a Win32 application built for Course Technology to administer and take certification tests for Microsoft Office 2000. Primarily written in C++ (heavily using both custom templates and the STL as well as MFC) the product supported FoxPro and MS-SQL and either local access or distance learning via the Internet. Visual Basic code embedded into Office applications allowed tests to be taken directly within Office itself, invoking a C++ DLL containing the exam logic. Design and coding work included much of the database engine and a custom screen layout engine to handle the product's radical look.
Jun 1997 to
Mar 1999
Barbarino Senior Software Engineer/Project Leader
Discourse 2.0, a classroom-based teaching and assessment system giving teachers real-time feedback from students via numerous input devices (web browsers, low-cost IR terminals, etc.) Designed and built the database engine (supported Access and MS-SQL), the interface with proprietary hardware, the real-time feedback system and custom UI widgets. Written in C++ and MFC, the modular and scalable design easily allowed the client to plug-in support for additional terminal types (PocketPCs, etc.).
Jun 1995 to
Jun 1997
FluffyBunny Project Leader
Lotus Organizer 97gs for Macintosh, a personal information management application that interfaces with Lotus Notes. Co-designed OSP, an implementation of large parts of the Win32 API using a custom C++ framework, built on Macintosh toolbox calls. Use of OSP allowed full Macintosh port with few alterations to the original Win32 code. Wrote a large percentage of OSP's code including a custom memory manager and most of the graphic and window management routines. Significant attention given to code optimization, improving overall performance by an order of magnitude.
Jun 1994 to
Jun 1995
Pavillion Software Engineer
Peachtree Accounting for Macintosh, a port of Peachtree's successful Win32 accounting application. Implemented front-end user interface in C, built customer reports, fixed bugs, tuned performance and greatly expanded the underlying porting layer.
Feb 1993 to
Jun 1994
IAP Associate Software Engineer
Ported a player for IconAuthor, a multimedia authoring system, to the Macintosh for AimTech Software. Work included implementation of sub-systems to support sound, graphics, sprite animation and QuickTime video. Sole developer.
Oct 1991 to
Feb 1993
Harvard University Computer Services Cambridge, MA
Programmer. Provided programming and support to the Harvard Faculty of Arts and Sciences, writing applications requested by faculty. Projects included multimedia database systems (one featured on CNN's Technology Watch), video compression utilities, multi-user interactive psychology experiments and more. Also provided technical support, troubleshooting, training and maintenance on UNIX, Mac and Win32 systems.
May 1997 to
DivNull Software Centereach, NY
Chief Technologist. Design freeware in free time, and distribute it under this company's label. DivNull Software products include:
DropNuke & DropUnlock: Two UNIX shell script wrapper applications that circumvents a permission bug in Mac OS X that occasionally makes files undeletable through the GUI.
Knight's Tour: A screen saver module that displays a knight touring a chessboard, hitting each square exactly once.
Omnihedron: A C++ application built against the wxWindows framework providing list and dice rolling services for role-playing games.
RollPlay Dice Library: A cross platform C library that rolls standard roll-playing dice using any of several pseudo-random number generators.
Win2k File Dialog Customizer: A Win32 MFC C++ application allowing customization of standard Win32 file dialogs, as well as those used in Office 2000.

Tennis, cooking, science fiction, role-playing, digital photography and video, computer games (especially Civ3), music of all types, B-movies, theater, chess, aikido