Wordman's Writings

I'm not a writer, but occasionally throw out a word or two. Mostly, I write stuff for role-playing games, but I have written a few other things that I'm willing to share with the world (aren't you lucky). I've also thrown a few other things together:


I occasionally get irritated enough at something the write a letter about it to whoever is worth venting upon.


Every once in a while, I needed to give a demonstration or quick lesson to people at work for one thing or another. (Part of my job has been to mentor more junior engineers.) Notes from these lessons follow:


I sometimes (usually when responding to an e-mail) just let loose a rush of typing. This doesn't happen very often, but when it does I tend to keep writing until I run out of stuff to say. Most of these rants are never seen by anyone else. These, however, are:


Even as a Computer Science major, at Harvard, you write a lot. I wrote a number of bad papers, and a few good ones. As I progressed through school, I started using "hooks" (little hidden oddities that only I knew about) in order to keep my interest up while writing.

Anyway, God knows why you would care, but here is some of my college stuff.

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