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Latest News

Latest News:

09-Jun-2003: Beta 4 release (1.0b4) for Win32.

05-Jun-2003: Beta 3 release (1.0b3) for Win32. First open source release.

09-May-2003: Moved project to SourceForge.

10-May-2002: Beta 2 release (1.0b2) for Win32.

23-Aug-2001: Beta 1 release (1.0b1) for Win32.

03-Jun-2001: Alpha 3 release (1.0a3) for Win32.

28-May-2001: Alpha 2 release (1.0a2) for Win32.

25-Apr-2001: Alpha 1 release (1.0a1) for Win32.

20-Apr-2001: Created web site.

Introducing Omnihedron, cusomizable dice and list rolling for role-playing enthusiasts

Using the power of DivNull Software's RollPlay Dice Library, Omnihedron provides customized dice rolling and powerful list rolling to players and game masters of any role-playing system.

Features of Omnihedron include:

  • Complex list rolling, including sub-tables.
  • Supports user-defined XML lists.
  • Nearly limitless dice combinations.
  • "Open" or "exploding" dice support.
  • Tests against target numbers.
  • Optional graphing of dice statistics.
  • Multiple random number generators.
  • Customizable interface.
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