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About Omnihedron

Role-playing games tend to use a lot of tables. You roll some dice, look the result up in a table and move on. Some of these tables can get complicated, directing you to roll repeatedly on the same table on roll on other tables, which direct you to still other tables and so on.

Omnihedron handles the rolling of such tables, even the extremely complicated ones, automatically. It can handle re-rolling multiple times on a table. It can handle rolling on subtables (which roll on more subtables, ad nauseum). It can even roll on a sequence of tables, one after the other.

What's more, Omnihedron allows you to define your own tables, expanding its capabilities to match your own campaign. Using a simple text editor, you can use Omnihedron's XML standard to make any tables you like.

Built with DivNull's RollPlay Dice Library, tables can use very complex dice combinations, like "3d6 + d100 - 70". Omnihedron tables can even use "exploding" dice, where a die that is rolled for its maximum value is rerolled and added to that maximum.

Speaking of dice, Omnihedron also features an on the fly dice roller, using as many dice combinations as you like. Tests can be made against target numbers and Omnihedron will count your successes. Omnihedron can also graph the rolls made for a specific dice combination, so you can study the probability pattern of a given dice combination, or just show your GM that the dice are not biased.

Unlike many dice rollers, those based on the RollPlay Dice Library, like Omnihedron, featue multiple, sophisticated random number generators. You can choose which of these you want to use with Omnihedron.

In all, Omnihedron is a powerful role-playing tool for gamemasters and players alike. And, best of all, it's free. Download your copy today.