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List Window

Omnihedron handles rolling on advanced, customizable tables, adaptable to nearly any game system. All of these tables are made available in the List Window:

List window screen image

Window Elements

The list window is divided into three basic sections: the toolbar, the list of lists, and the results pane. The dividers between the panes can be moved to alter the relative sizes of each pane, and these changes will automatically be remembered.


The toolbar contains a number of control buttons and a text field. The elements of the toolbar, in order, are:

  • Roll button: When clicked, the currently selected list is rolled a number of times specified in the Rolls edit (or once, if nothing is there).
  • Info button: Displays information about the currently selected list.
  • Clear button: Clears the result pane.
  • Rolls edit: Defines the number of times to roll a list.


Omnihedron ships with a small number of available lists, but its true power is unleashed when you add more lists to the system. You can download a number of third-party lists to add functionality to Omnihedron. Even better, you can easily write your own.

When Omnihedron launches, it reads all of the list files stored in the list directory. The exact location of the list directory can be set in the Preferences dialog. By default, this directory is a directory called "Lists" installed in the same directory as the application.

If you change the location of the list directory, make sure that you copy the "rolllists.dtd" file into your new directory. This is the file that defines the XML schema for Omnihedron's lists, so is needed for proper loading of list files.

To add lists to Omnihedron, all you have to do is copy the list file into the list directort and restart Omnihedron.


The results pane displays the results of the roll on the list. Since lists can call other lists, the result from a single list roll can be quite complex.

A number of preferences control the behavior of this pane, such as a setting to clear the pane before each roll. If this setting is off, results will accumulate in the results pane.

List Menu

The List Window has its own menu, that performs many of the same functions as the toolbar. It also defines a number of accelerator keys to invoke List Window functionality from the keyboard. The menu behaves as follows:

List WindowControl LToggles visiblity of entire List Window.
RollControl-shift R or F7Identical to the Roll button on the toolbar.
InformationControl-shift D or F8Identical to the Info button on the toolbar.
Clear ResultsControl KIdentical to the Clear button on the toolbar.
Set Count to xControl-shift xSets the Rolls edit to x.