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Getting Started

Getting up and running with Omnihedron is quite simple, using a standard installation application typical of most applications. Once installed, Omnihedron is ready to go, though you may want to customize it to whatever game(s) you play.


Start by downloading the software. Go to the Download page and select the software for the platform you use. Clicking the link should start the download, but you can also right-click or control-click on the link and select "Save As...".


The file you download for the Win32 platform is an application file. Launch this application by double-clicking on it. This will launch the Omnihedron installer. The installer is mostly automated and will guide you through the install process.

The installer will add Omnihedron to the "Program Files" section of your Start menu.

Installing More Lists

While Omnihedron comes with a number of lists, you may wish to download third party lists as well. These lists come in the form of XML files, which should be copied into the lists folder installed with Omnihedron.

First Run

When you first run Omnihedron, you will probably want to set your preferences to match the games you like playing. Most of this can be done in the Preferences screen.

The other area of customization would be in the Dice Window. When first installed, this window contains a number of dice types for general gaming, but some games are better served with variants of a single type of die.