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Omnihedron allows its users to make their own lists and some users make lists they create available to the public. The table below lists links to some of these lists. It also lists the creator code used by the author of the list, so please do not use creator codes listed yourself.

Note: DivNull Software is not responsible for the content of lists hosted on sites external to divnull.com. Please direct any admiration, suggestions, complaints or lawsuits regarding a set of lists to the list's author.

defaults.zip DivNull Software div0 The default lists shipped in the Omnihedron installer.
OldEnglishNames.zip Jay Treat wotc Generate character names using Old English roots and meanings. Based on an article in issue #72 of Dragon Magazine. The tables implemented by this file are © Wizards of the Coast and are used by permission.
srhistory.zip Gurth plwr A conversion of Gurth's Shadowrun history generator, allowing the automatic generation of a history for a Shadowrun PC or NPC.
link Paizo Publishing jlw Critical hit charts from Dragon Magazine #39. These are published by the company that now publishes Dragon, so they presumably have permission to publish such lists.
generators.zip Delta Grade delta A collection of random contact, run and other generators for Shadowrun®.