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Can/How can I make my own lists?

You can indeed make your own lists. In fact, supporting such lists is Omnihedron's main purpose. The documentation section of this website provides instructions on writing your own lists.

Before building a list, you might want to check if someone else has already built the list you have in mind. This list is not exhaustive, so you might also try searching the net.

Is there a version available for <platform>?

Omnihedron will be released for Mac OS (including Carbonized versions for OS X) when the Macintosh port of wxWindows is finalized.

There are no plans to release Omnihedron for 68K Macs or any other platforms.

Where can I get the source code to Omnihedron?

Omnihedron is released under the GNU General Public License. Source code for Omnihedron is presently hosted by SourceForge.