Copyright ©1995 Spocks Johnson

The girl I love left me
So me and Mary went to the Cape
To gingerboard houses and overcast days
Yeah, I barely knew her, but she knew the way

On a ferry to the vineyard kissing a girl I don’t know
Drink a pint or two or three at the island bar it flows
How could I decline that kind of offer, well I think I’ll have another and I’m feeling kind of smothered and
Suddenly surrounded by strangers and they all know my name

Hey, yeah, I’m here to get away
But I can’t forget her name -- she left me
And I’ve been drunk for fifteen days

And where has Mary gotten to?
She’s over there hanging on some guy -- I don’t know why
What am I doing here?
I guess it’s time for another beer

Hey brother will you roll me another I’ve got to escape
I’m having trouble understanding what I expected to find here
All the beer and marijuana put me off from thinking, then it starts again and hits me like a ton of bricks
Your troubles ride you down no matter how far you run away

Hey, yeah, what was your name?
I can’t seem to find Mary -- that’s okay
I like you better anyway

Let’s go walking, let’s go by the oceanside
Let’s hold hands, let’s go lie down side by side

Hey, you’re so sweet, but now it’s kind of late
I’ve got a boat to catch today -- this island
Gave me three strange days

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