Copyright ©1995 Spocks Johnson

She’s at it again
Running through the marigolds
She spins like a yellowjacket
And she'll never understand
La la, the strings out of tune
Aluminum foil papers her bathroom
Nothing to spoil this moment
She spreads jellybeans across the floor

Just shrug and smile, you see
It’s never going to go where you want it
She senses the cage so uncanny
And she always slips away from it
Another rip in her baby doll dress
Just the right number of bracelets
She stains her lips like colored bricks
She paints her eyes like dappled light

She laughs when you cry
And cries when you laugh
Oh gypsy, so wistful and whimsy
And I'll never understand...
I wasn't always alone

I can’t make sense out of this
The candles and incense are so thick
Dripping wax across the small of her back
And I can’t stop touching her skin
Her laughter plays like autumn breeze
She nestles in my arms like a child
She smiles and kisses for no reason
Love, love, love this time

She cries when you laugh
These tears of colored glass
Oh gypsy, so wistful and whimsy
And I’ll never understand...
I wasn’t always in love

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