Sweet Pea

Copyright ©1996 Spocks Johnson

Sweet pea, follow you through the streets all night
Stumbling on vague assurances that we’ll connect this time
At last, your gargoyle candelabra lair
Lounge on velvet couches there while you ignore me
(When the phone rings)

I guess it’s my mistake
Try to give you what he takes

Crying, a flash while you light a clove cigarette
Assure me you’ve done nothing but your best to take care of me
(Then the phone rings)

I give as much as you’ll take
Just so you can throw it back in my face

Sweet pea, you need someone to push around
How about me?
Everyone sees, what you’re all about but I know
You really need me
Stability, you’ll never get your shit together
Without me
Sweet pea, will you even notice it when
I finally leave?

White rose, it hangs brown and dry and dead
Like all the words we could have said
I don’t think I’ve ever known you
(Sweet dreams, sweet pea)

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