DivNull Productions is pleased to announce the release of When Autochthon Dreams, a collection of fan-made artifacts for White Wolf’s role-playing game Exalted®.

Writing for this work originated in a number of fan sites for Exalted, particularly the Exalted wiki and Exalted Compendium Redux. Thanks go out to the writers who allowed their work to be included.

The artwork used in the PDF results from a bit of an experiment. Rather than an using an open, take-what-you-can-get approach, DivNull looked for fans of Exalted on deviantArt, inviting 75 of the most talented to participate. This process intentionally avoided inviting artists that have a lot of work published in Exalted books. Artists were invited over a long period, and given months of lead time to prepare art for today’s release. Of those contacted, six actually delivered art, a response of about 8%.

This response was less that what was hoped, but realistically better than expected, especially since no payment was offered or given. Thanks go out to those artists who contributed.

Thanks also go out to White Wolf for their Dark Pack guidelines, which allow supplements like this to be created in the first place.