e20 SystemGary M. Sarli, editor and developer of the well received roleplaying game Star Wars Saga Edition aims to create a new generic roleplaying system called the e20 System. Based on the open content d20 system, e20 development uses a patronage model, where the public can pledge funding and, if a certain pledge target is reached ($10,000 in this case), pledges are cashed and the product begins. The patronage project site kickstarter handles the pledges for e20.

The project has a little bit to go to reach their target by the deadline of March 15. To help them, DivNull Productions is increasing its pledge to this project to $500. Two things interest me about this project. First, just like its inspiration, the result will be Open Gaming Content. Second, the design of the system is being driven by feedback from millions of hours of playing the d20 system from players all over the world, a real playground of evolutionary forces. While I’m not the biggest fan of d20, I care a lot about open source gaming, so I wish good luck to this project.

Please consider throwing a few bucks to the project to help them meet their goal. (And, while you’re at it, see if there is anything else on kickstarter that interests you.)