As you might have noticed from my other Mechaton posts, I’m still pretty new to building giant fighty robots out of Lego. Part of learning more about this includes looking at some of the popular Mechaton frames others have made and figuring out how they work.

I haven’t found this easy, as often all you have to go on are some low resolution photos that never seem to include the angle you need. To spare would-be frame builders some of the irritation I went through, I created some LDraw files detailing step-by-step instructions on how to make some of these frames. (You may need to right-click on the .ldr files and “Save Link As…”.)

Blacktron by pasukaru76 Blacktron
by pasukaru76
Source: Flickr
LDraw file: pasukaru76-blacktron.ldr
Double Edge by xezav Double Edge
by xezav
Source: Flickr
LDraw file: xezav-doubleedge.ldr
Hardersuit by Alvaro Gunawan Hardersuit
by Alvaro Gunawan
Source: Flickr
LDraw file: alvarogunawan-hardersuit.ldr
Reclean, based on design by PolarBear!! Reclean (based on "Cleanbot")
by PolarBear!!
Source: Flickr
LDraw file: polarbear-reclean.ldr
Retriever by xezav Retriever
by xezav
Source: Flickr
LDraw file: xezav-retriever.ldr
Übermann by Geoff Herndon Übermann
by Geoff Herndon
Source: Flickr
LDraw file: geoffherndon-ubermann.ldr
W. Mk1 by W. Mark W. Mk1
by W. Mark
Source: MocPages
LDraw file: wmark-wmk1.ldr
by Mr. Villa
Source: Flickr
LDraw file: mrvilla-ZSF-AHTP-4.ldr

To view these files, you’ll need some kind of .ldr viewer. I use Bricksmith, but there are others. Note that a number of viewers can also generate part lists from a model automatically.

There may be part mistakes, as I pretty much just guessed on a lot of things. If you find an error, please drop a comment about it below. It would help if you used the LDraw part numbers to identify both what part is wrong and with what it should be replaced.

Lastly, a plea to all you frame builders out there: when you come up with the next great frame, please give the world an LDraw file for it, so we can marvel at your genius from any angle we like. Heck, post a link to it in a comment below. I’d love to see it.