Minifig for scaleSimilar to my last LDraw/Mechaton post, here are some more files. These all come from the “hardsuit community”, a group of Lego enthusiasts who build minifig-in-powered-armor-looking figures. Since these “hardsuits” are built to minifig scale (to the right is a minifig shown at the same scale as the images below), they work pretty well for Mechaton, with a few alterations.

The hardsuit community (apparently) has evolved a number of “standard” body types, where the core of the model uses a particular idea, which is then embellished. I selected a number of these standard cores, but only present one example of each. I believe that I give credit below to the originator of any given standard core, but it can be hard to track this down, so I may have got it wrong. Let me know if you know better.

As before, I had to guess at some of these models, going by pictures posted to the net. In most cases, I changed the head entirely, as hardsuits typically use minifig heads, which Mechaton models usually avoid. I also sometimes added extra stuff or changed a bit here and there. I’m sure I also guessed wrong in a few places. So, if these drift from the standard, that is why.

The LDraw files use the latest part collection, but may contain unofficial parts. (Also, you may need to right-click on the .ldr files and “Save Link As…”.)

Blacktron by pasukaru76 Blacktron
by pasukaru76
Source: Flickr
LDraw file: pasukaru76-blacktron.ldr
Double Edge by xezav Double Edge
by xezav
Source: Flickr
LDraw file: xezav-doubleedge.ldr
Hardersuit by Alvaro Gunawan Hardersuit
by Alvaro Gunawan
Source: Flickr
LDraw file: alvarogunawan-hardersuit.ldr
Reclean, based on design by PolarBear!! Reclean (based on "Cleanbot")
by PolarBear!!
Source: Flickr
LDraw file: polarbear-reclean.ldr
Retriever by xezav Retriever
by xezav
Source: Flickr
LDraw file: xezav-retriever.ldr
Übermann by Geoff Herndon Übermann
by Geoff Herndon
Source: Flickr
LDraw file: geoffherndon-ubermann.ldr
W. Mk1 by W. Mark W. Mk1
by W. Mark
Source: MocPages
LDraw file: wmark-wmk1.ldr
by Mr. Villa
Source: Flickr
LDraw file: mrvilla-ZSF-AHTP-4.ldr

To view these files, you’ll need some kind of .ldr viewer, such as Bricksmith or others.

Lastly, a repeat of my earlier plea: when you come up with the next great frame, please give the world an LDraw file for it, so we can marvel at your genius from any angle we like.