I finally changed this blog’s theme to some slightly more modern underpinnings, using HTML5 and CSS3. The theme rests on the foundation of the Toolbox theme from Automattic, mashed up with some bits of this site’s old theme. I also had to add in some hacky crap because Firefox hasn’t yet learned to fly right with some HTML5 tags.

While this theme looks sort of like the old one, it uses far fewer image files to get the same look. The rounded corners, drop shadows and transparent backgrounds are all done with new CSS3 capabilities (or the hacky add-ons that Firefox uses in place of them). Since not all browsers support the new hotness, you might not see either of these. Hopefully you see something that is at least legible in is place. The theme looks good appears as I intended it to on Mac versions of Safari, Chrome and Firefox and Linux versions of Firefox. I haven’t tested it on anything else.

If you spot a problem, let me know.