Someone not as enamored of landscape PDFs asked for a more standard layout for Fourth World, my drift of Dungeon World rules to fit the Earthdawn setting. I was not that keen on doing this, but then got curious about experimenting with 6x9 layouts in InDesign. So, I changed the entire layout of version 1.4 and you can find the result at the link below. As always, the InDesign sources are available for tinkering as well.

I plan on using this new layout style for Fourth World going forward. Which means, yes, I will probably release a 1.5 at some point.

For now, here is the new layout of 1.4:

While on the subject of changing layouts, I should also mention the efforts of Seth Halbeisen, who built letter-sized versions of the playbooks (the originals will legal-sized). If you have hacks of your own, let me know here or on G+.