The standard file dialogs in Windows 2000 contain a bank of shortcut folders that allow you to jump to certain directories instantly. This could be a very useful feature, except that the folders chosen by Microsoft for these shortcuts aren’t anything that most poeple would actually use.

The Win2k File Dialog Customizer allows you to edit the registry settings that control these dialogs.

Turn this……into this

The Win2k File Dialog Customizer works by changing the registry settings Windows 2000 uses to control the standard file dialog, so will change the file dialogs of most applications under Windows 2000.

Office 2000 uses its own set of registry settings, with slightly different capabilities. The Win2k File Dialog Customizer can edit these as well, and this should work under any Win32 operating system, not just Windows 2000.


The Win2k File Dialog Customizer consists of a very basic dialog interface. It is not snazzy, but it works.

Main Screen


Download the Win2k File Dialog Customizer