OmnihedronAfter asking for, and quickly receiving, permission from both the author and Wizards of the Coast, an Omnihedron conversion of Jay Treat’s tables to generate character names using Old English roots and meanings is now available. Mr. Treat’s tables appeared in issue #72 of Dragon Magazine. The tables implemented by this file are ©Wizards of the Coast and are used by permission.

This data set highlights some of Omnihedron’s more subtle power, as the tables follow an interesting logic. There are different tables for the start and end of the name being generated; however, you roll on the table for the end first. Some, but not all, of the end results can also be used in the start of a name. If you hit one of these entries, you make a random roll to see if you use it as the start or the end, and then fill in the rest with a roll on the other table. While most “list rolling” software wouldn’t be able to do this, Omnihedron handles it easily.

The lists may be downloaded on the Omnihedron lists page.