Platform: Win32
Current Version: 1.0
File Size: 1Mb
Cost: Donation ware

Using the power of DivNull Software’s RollPlay Dice Library, Omnihedron provides customized dice rolling and powerful list rolling to players and game masters of any role-playing system.

Download Omnihedron

RollPlay Dice LibraryRollPlay Dice Library

Platform: Macintosh 68K, Macintosh PowerPC, Win32
Current Version: 1.1
File Size: 170K
Cost: E-mail ware

The RollPlay Dice Library is a shared library/DLL which provides a slew of dice rolling capabilities. It has numerous random number generators, including some that are truly random (depending on hardware).

RollPlay is geared towards role-playing games. It can turn standard dice descriptions (e.g. “4d6+3”, “2d30 + d100 + 2”, etc.) of any length into internal, fast dice objects which track their own statistics (if desired). It can also handle “tests” from games like Shadowrun or Vampire, where a number of open-ended dice are rolled in an attempt to beat a target number.

RollPlay is available for a number of platforms, using a standard interface, for each porting your application.

Ultimately, DivNull Software intends to produce several programs based on the RollPlay dice library.

Click here for a more detailed description of RollPlay.

Download RollPlay for Macintosh
Download RollPlay for Windows NT and Windows 95
Information on RollPlay for BeOS

Win2k File Dialog CustomizerWin2k File Dialog Customizer

Platform: Win2k
Current Version: 1.1 (final version)
File Size: 104K
Cost: Donation ware

Customize the shortcut folders in most file dialogs under Windows 2000. Click here for a more detailed description.

Download the Win2k File Dialog Customizer

DropUnlockDropNuke & DropUnlock

Platform: Mac OS X
Current Version: 1.0 (final version)
File Size: 40K
Cost: Freeware

Early versions of MacOS X had a strange issue deleting files that were locked under OS 9. When you throw such files away and try to empty the trash, you can get -43 errors or messages indicating you do not have permission to delete the files (even if you are logged in as root).

These two utilities, made possible entirely by Wilfredo Sánchez’s excellent utility DropScript, allow you to handle such files without using the command line.

DropUnlock will clear the OS 9 lock flags on files or files in a directory dragged onto it.

Once upon a time, DropNuke both cleared the flags and permanently deleted a file or directory of files dragged onto it. This was extremely dangerous (basically a drag and drop version of rm -rf) and, since the original problem of undeletable files in OS X has been fixed, this product has been discontinued.

WARNING: The purpose of DropNuke is to permanently delete files. As such, it must be used with caution. DropNuke and DropUnlock are provided without warranty of any kind. By downloading DropNuke, you agree that neither DivNull Productions nor DropNuke’s author are responsible or liable for any data loss resulting from intentional or accidental use of DropNuke.

WARNING: Dragging an alias to a folder directly to DropNuke will permanently delete files and folders in the original folder. There are also reports that aliases to volumes contained within folders dragged to DropNuke will get resolved, deleting the contents of the whole volume. Aliases to folders contained should to be deleted without being resolved, but this may differ, depending on which version of OS X you are using. If you have any question about how the aliases within the folder structure of something you drag into DropNuke will be handled, don’t use it.

If you are unsure about whether to use DropNuke or not, don’t. Instead, use DropUnlock. In most cases, this will clear the “internal lock” on files, allowing them to be emptied from the trash properly.

Download DropUnlock
DropNuke has been discontinued
DropNuke and DropUnlock were built on a technology that no longer works on modern versions of OS X.
Download the scripts used to create these apps

Knight\’s TourKnight’s Tour AfterDark Module

Platform: Macintosh 68K
Current Version: 1b0 (final version)
File Size: 84K
Cost: E-mail ware

Currently in alpha release Knight’s Tour is an AfterDark/DarkSide module which illustrates a knight touring a chessboard such that it lands on every square exactly once. This particular tour is unique in that it forms a magic sqaure. Each move is numbered sequentially, that is the starting position of the knight is move 1, the first move is move 2, the second is move 3 and so on. If you put the number of the move on the square the knight lands on, the resulting grid of numbers has columns and row that each add up to be the same number.

Download the Knight’s Tour module from any of these sites:

DivNull Software (New York, USA)
Apple Computer’s Sumex mirror (California, USA)
DivNull archive (Massachusetts, USA)