I play with making maps for role-playing games, and occasionally release detailed locations.

Ptolus Maps

My long-term Ptolus campaign generated a number of locations, over a number of different game systems (including a Ptolus Dungeon World conversion). These were all DivNull Seeds, complete with sources:

  • Bladechapel details a mansion in the city’s old town. We happened to use it as the site of a demon attack, but it is presented as a location for any purpose.
  • Goth Gulgamel reworks a high-level dungeon from the setting into something a little less linear (as well as converting it to match our Ptolus Pathfinder conversion)

One-Page Dungeons

The One-Page Dungeon Contest provides a good byte-sized outlet for experimenting with map-making, new software, and adventure writing. Typically, I share the sources if the work is named one of the winners. DivNull entries have been:

Reworked Maps

Sometimes I need to remake an existing map, to alter something (or just create a vector version of it):